Medical Assistant Certificate Curriculum

The Medical Assistant Certificate program prepares a student for a career in the field of medical assisting. A Medical Assistant performs routine administrative and clinical tasks under the supervision of a physicia14 other health practitioner, or office manager. Clinical skills include taking medical histories and recording vital signs, assisting with the primary physical exam and other specialty exams, preparing patients for minor 81ll'gical procedures, providing patient education, cleaning and sterilizing instruments, and assisting in the collection and analysis of laboratory specimens. Administrative skills include coordinating and scheduling patient appointments, receiving and processing patients in the office, preparing and maintaining patient records, coding and filing health insurance claims, and performing bookkeeping tasks. In addition to academic requirements, a Medical Assistant should possess certain personal characteristics to successfully work in the people-centered environment of the medical care facility. These qualifications include dependability, flexibility, good communication skills, positive attitude, and a genuine concern for others.
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Raritan Valley Community College
Medical Assistant, Medical Assisting

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Hunterdon Pediatric Associates, The Doctor is In, Hopewell Family Practice, Somerset Valley Urgent Care, Morristown Cardiology Associates, Riverfield Family Health Center, Somerset Valley Urgent Care, Cornerstone Family Practice, Highlands Family Health Center
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Health Care and Social Assistance (62)
Healthcare Support Occupations -- Medical Assistants (31-9092)

Education / Instructional Information

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  • Credit
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  • Certificate
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Two consecutive 14 week semesters
Number of courses in the program:
8 courses and a practicum
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