10-513-183 Manufacturing Practices for the Food Industry

This course focuses on the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's) as they are defined in Part 110 of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulation for the food industry. You will explore each GMP requirement in depth and analyze ways food manufacturers can establish process and product control to meet the intent of each GMP. You will also discuss the consequences of failing to meet and maintain compliance with the GMP's. This course does not replace the mandatory annual GMP training required for workers already employed in a regulated production facility.
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GMP, Title 21, food manufacturers, food processing, Food & Drug Agencies, compliance, pests, design facilities, construction of facilities, maintenance of facilities, prevent food contamination, employee hygiene, employee qualifications, employee training, handling of raw materials, handling of ingredients, handling of ice, handling of waste, water quality, freezers, refrigerators, testing equipment, processing equipment, detergents, sanitizing products, food borne illnesses

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