GIST 1140 Module 6 Capstone Project Requirements

Module 6 Capstone Project Requirements: Project Proposal; Data Preparation Report; Weekly Progress Report; PowerPoint Presentation and Final Report; Project Data; Create Geodatabase with Feature Classes; Spatial Analysis and Geoprocessing Tools; Final Map Elements; 6 C's Rubric; Grading Criteria
Primary Material Type:
Southeast Community College
Project Name:
Mapping New Careers in Geospatial Technologies
Funding Source:
GIS Capstone, Data Preparation Report, Project Data, Spatial Analysis, Geoprocessing, Map Elements, 6 C's Rubric

Industry / Occupation

Industry Partner:
State of Nebraska GIS, Lancaster County GIS and City of Lincoln GIS, helped define strategy and goals, identify necessary skills and competencies, provided resources and assistance with program design and hired qualified participants who completed the certificate.
Industry Sector:
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (54)
Computer and Mathematical Occupations (15-0000)

Education / Instructional Information

Instructional Program:
Social Sciences (45)
Credit Type:
  • Credit
Credential Type:
  • Certificate
Educational Level of Materials:
  • 1st year Community College or equivalent
Time Required:
10 weeks
Interactivity Type:
Mix of Active and Presentation
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Quality Note:
Custom rubric used to ensure quality based on the Seven Principles for Good Teaching Practice (Chickering and Gamson)
Quality of Subject Matter was assured by:
  • SME Quality Report is posted in Skills Commons
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  • Custom Quality Rubric
Course Note:
GIS Technician Certificate
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