Project Management Principles

This project includes a complete course design for teaching the course with related learning materials. It also includes a sample schedule for delivering the course. **** This course is designed to introduce students to the importance of project management in business environments. Project management is the discipline of planning and organizing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific goals while managing constraints of scope, costs and time. Students will explore the process of project management and will learn the critical steps to: Identify needs and turn them into a project proposal; Create a project plan (using work breakdown structures, activities definitions and relationships); Create a project schedule (using durations and early/late start and finish dates); Determine activities within the critical path; Create a project budget; Monitor the progress of the project using Gantt charts; Modify the plan as variations develop within the project. They will then take a project of their choice and complete it by applying these steps. Learners will research and participate in leadership, team building and communication activities to allow for successful teamwork in completing the project. Self-evaluations will be used to assess the progress in these areas. Project Management software will also be explored.
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Western Technical College
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project management; team building skills; leadership skills; project viability; project charter; Work Breakdown Structure; Responsibility Assignment Matrix; risk management; work package; project schedule; project budget; Gantt Chart; status report

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Management of Companies and Enterprises (55)
Management Occupations -- Marketing Managers (11-2021)

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Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services (52)
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Business Analyst AAS;


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