TAACCCT Subject Matter Expert Curriculum Review for CTB courses

This review has focused on the subject matter in courses specifically designated as curriculum that was developed as part of a TAACCCT-funded project. Specifically these courses are: CTB013 Health Care Language Arts, CTB014 Health Care Math and Science, CTB015 Manufacturing Language Arts, and CTB016 Manufacturing Math and Science. In addition, both the overall program requirements and the recommended course sequence were reviewed.
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Quality Assurance Report -- Subject Matter Expert Report
Waubonsee Community College

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An Industry Advisory Panel was established to develop the College Transition and Bridge courses. The panel consisted of representatives from a variety of industries, including agriculture, consumer protection, environmental protection, food processing, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Advisory Panel members contributed to the design, development and delivery of the courses developed through this TAACCCT grant. The members also provide opportunities for work-based learning and job placements for program graduates.
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Developmental Education
Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations (19-0000)

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