Anatomy and Physiology I-Anatomy of the Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves

"The learning object includes the major structures and regions of the spinal cord as well as the location, structure and function of the spinal nerves. Topics include 1) the structure and function of the spinal cord, 2) the arrangement of gray and white matter in the cord and 3) neural disorders. A video and Self-Assessment quizzes are included. This grant product was created by the Community College Consortium for Bioscience Credentials and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License."
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Hybrid/Blended Course
Forsyth Technical Community College
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Anterior Column|Anterior Corticospinal Tract|Ascending Tract|Cauda Equina|Cervical Enlargement|Central Canal|Corticobulbar Tract|Corticospinal Tract |Descending Tract|Dorsal (posterior) Nerve Root|Dorsal (posterior) Root Ganglion|Foramen Magnum|Intercostal Nerve|Lateral Column|Lateral Horn|Lateral Corticospinal Tract|Lumbar Enlargement|Posterior Columns|Posterior Horn|Posterior Median Sulcus|Spinal Nerve|Spinothalamic Tract|Ventral (anterior) Nerve Root

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Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services -- Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (541)
Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations -- Biochemists and Biophysicists (19-1021)

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Biological and Biomedical Sciences (26)
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  • 1st year Community College or equivalent
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16 Hours
English (United States)
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Mix of Active and Presentation.
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Modified QM Model
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  • Participation as an ongoing member of team developing the instructional materials
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  • Industry Standard Quality Rubric; Custom Quality Rubric
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Anatomy and Physiology I


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