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A cornerstone of the consortium’s TAACCCT grant is the development of new competency based curricula; likewise, delivery of the new curricula to students is a key indicator of the grant’s success. Although all three colleges offered IT courses and programs in traditional online and face-to-face formats prior to the grant, adapting these courses and programs to a CBE format and creating fully competency-based, flex-paced programs was a substantial undertaking. Program staff and faculty at the partner colleges adapted the foundation of their IT curricula to build the new programs and courses around competencies required for success in the IT industry. The numerous steps involved in identifying competencies and mapping them to programs, courses, and assessments are reflected in the six grant deliverables and 25 corresponding milestones related to curriculum development required of each college throughout the course of the grant. 4 Four of the six deliverables (curriculum definitions, course development foundations, identification of latticed certificates, and competency maps) were, for the most part, complete at the time of this writing; work on two otherswas still ongoing, with a few milestones not yet started (new competency-based program courses and articulation among consortium colleges).
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