North Carolina Advanced Manufacturing Alliance

Our strategies address the gaps in current education and training programs and include: 1) Providing comprehensive skills assessment at the student's point of entry, including an interview to ascertain strengths, interests and skill sets not just academic level. 2) We will offer Flexible Learning options, much like flexible manufacturing, giving the student a customizable, on-demand program that meets their unique needs, reducing attrition and increasing completion. 3) Developmental Education redesign including self-paced math and eight week mini sessions (Semester Express) of English and reading that will accelerate the student from pre-college to college level course work. 4) Student support services including a Success Manager who guides the student throughout, development of an Individual Guidance Plan and auxiliary services. 5) Mobile Learning, a complement to Flexible Learning, will give students an opportunity to learn with a tablet computer through which they will access online courses, educational applications by the thousands along with training simulations, the ability to The NC Advanced Manufacturing Alliance 2 maintain communication with their Success Manager, instructors and internship employer. 6) Carefully matched student internships in industry will be developed. Progress will be monitored, benefit to the employer assessed as well. At the conclusion upon receipt of a credential, students will be hired by the employer. 7) Career Pathways will develop a pipeline of students from high school to the college classrooms. Partnerships with Career and Tech Ed. programs and Early College High Schools will bring additional students into available the seats in the training programs. 8) An online repository via iTunes U sites at 5 Alliance institutions will be created into which courses; digital content, self-help and manufacturing career guidance will be located for students and the public free of charge. Underpinning all of these strategies will be technology-enabled teaching and learning.

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