IN 123: Digital Illustration and Page Layout

N 123. Digital Illustration and Page Layout. 3 hours credit. Prerequisite: IN 124 with a C or better. This course will enable the student to employ digital drawing and page layout tools to create several illustrative styles. The student�۪s work will be based on a review of both traditional and digital illustrations and an exploration of contemporary illustration practices. The student will employ graphic design tools and terminology while creating projects that demonstrate the principles of effective illustration and page layout.
Primary Material Type:
Online Course
Butler Community College
Project Name:
Illustration, Layout, Digital

Industry / Occupation

Industry Partner:
Butler Community College
Industry Sector:
Information Technology -- Computer Operating Systems (Programming), Digital Forensics, Cyber Security, Network Security, IT Security (51)
All Occupations (00-0000)

Education / Instructional Information

Instructional Program:
Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services (11)
Credit Type:
  • Credit
Credential Type:
  • Certificate
  • Credential
  • Stacked/Latticed Credential Model
  • Associate Degree
Educational Level of Materials:
  • 1st year Community College or equivalent
Time Required:
16 week online course
English (United States)
Interactivity Type:
Active - requires user to respond to prompts, questions, etc.
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The Instructional Designer did an unofficial Quality Matters check on the course, and reviewed it using Butler's internal quality checklist.
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  • Other
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  • None


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  • Text Access - Text to Speech
  • Text Adjust - Compatible
  • Text Adjustment - Adjust Font and Colors
  • Reading Layout - Reflow the Text
  • Reading Order - Digital resource layout
  • Structural Markup - Navigation Text
  • Structural Markup - Lists
  • Hyperlinks Rendered As Active
  • Colors Compatible With Assistive Technology

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Creative Commons License
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