NANSLO Survey of Chemistry Lab Mnual including 10 NANSLO Lab Activities

This NANSLO lab manual is self-contained and can be used by instructors as the Lab Manual for students in their Survey of Chemistry Course. The manual includes overview information about the North American Network of Science Labs Online (NANSLO), information on the equipment used in the ten lab activities included in the manual, and a table of contents. The Background Information for Instructors section provides information on how to use this manual, schedule blocks of times for students to complete these 10 NANSLO lab activities and other useful information and tips, and an instructor checklist. The Instruction for Students section provides information on how to prepare for each lab, technical requirements, how to schedule appointments for the assigned labs, and a student checklist. The Survey of Chemistry Lab Activities section includes an introduction on how the labs connect to the objectives of a Survey of Chemistry class and brief descriptions of each of the ten lab activities. These activities are: (1) Measurement; (2) Density; (3) Emission Spectrum; (4) Endothermic/Exothermic Reactions; (5) Beer-Lambert Law; (6) Enzyme Kinetics; (7) Radiation; (8) Reaction Rates; (9) Acid/Base Titration; and (10) Membrane Diffusion.
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Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
Survey of Chemistry, Lab Manual, non-science major resources, Lab Manual for Survey of Chemistry students

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Health Care
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Health Care and Social Assistance (62)
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations (29-0000)

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Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences (51)
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  • 1st year Community College or equivalent
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Active - requires user to respond to prompts, questions, etc.
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A curriculum expert in this discipline created the lab activities. An instructional designer with experience in teaching science courses worked with the curriculum expert to deliver easy to understand instructions and additional information to engage students in the activities contained in the manual. These lab activities are written using an inquiry based approach, include pre- and post-lab questions to measure expanding understanding after completing each lab activity and includes in each examples of how the activities conducted in the lab activity are used in the real world of work and science. Experts in remote web-based science labs who are also science faculty worked together to determine how these labs would be delivered exclusively through NANSLO without the need for students to purchase lab kits for this course. All lab activities are designed to be delivered to students remotely through the Internet.
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  • Consultations during development of instructional materials
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  • Expertise of Project's Instructional Designers
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Survey of Chemistry

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