Best Practices in Online Career Coaching MP4 Video Consortium for Healthcare Education Online Career Coach Professional Development Webinar November 18, 2013

Higher education changes and challenges are not only impacting our learning environments, they also disrupt our academic support services and advising resources. Increasingly, there is a push to provide fluid, holistic student support and scaffolding at our institutions. More importantly, there is a demand for developmental advising and coaching which employs environmental and interpersonal interactions, behavioral awareness, and problem solving, decision-making, and evaluation skills (Hurt 2007). Today’s learners operate in a world that is informal, networked, and filled with technology - which impacts how they learn and engage on our university campus. Technology gives our learners access to resources and increases the ability to track academic progress, connections to peers, and provides the opportunity to engage with other students in immersive learning experiences (Dahlstrom, de Boor, Grunwald & Vockley, 2012). With the emergence of collaborative online tools, advisors can take advantage of multidimensional, social platforms and utilize various models for academic advising. Pasquini shares ideas and deconstructs big questions in higher education about how career coaching can support students in online environments, how technology connects learners to active learning, what tools and practices help learners identify their passions, interests, and direct their academic careers, and how advisors and career coaches can best support learners in these emerging technology environments. References Dahlstrom, E., de Boor, T., Grunwald, P., & Vockley, M. (2012). The ECAR national study of undergraduate students and information technology, 2012. Boulder, CO: EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research Retrieved from Hurt, R.L. (2007). Advising as teaching: Establishing outcomes, developing tools, and assessing student learning. NACADA Journal Volume 27(2). Laura Pasquini delivered this professional development webinar on November 18, 2013 to Consortium for Healthcare Education Online (CHEO) career coaches. See the handout (in PDF format) to view a list of links referenced in this webinar. About the Presenter: Laura Pasquini is an academic counselor and instructor for the Office of Exploring Majors at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX. She was the Global Community for Academic Advising (NACADA) Technology in Advising Commission Chair (2011-2011) and now serves as the elected NACADA Commission and Interest Group Representative (2013-2015). Pasquini’s experiences include ten years of working in higher education spanning many institutional areas on campus (advising, tutoring, residence life, study abroad, career counseling) and geographic locations (Canada, US, France, and the UK). She is currently a doctoral candidate in Applied Technology & Performance Improvement with the Department of Learning Technologies at UNT. In addition, she has earned her MS. Ed. degree in Teaching Foundations from Niagara University and an E-Learning Certificate from the University of Toronto. Pasquini has a number of publications, presentations, and webinars centered on learning technologies to engage students, staff, and faculty in higher education. Her research and application of scholarship include blended learning, social media engagement, and formal/informal learning, training, and development. She is a self-declared geek and a self-taught techie who has an enthusiasm for engaging peers in online and in-person collaborative learning environments.
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