Strengthening Transitions, Building Pathways and Improving Achievement for Disadvantaged Workers

The Strengthening Transitions program will build the capacity of the Waubonsee Community College adult education division to successfully transition students to occupational programs in one of two targeted industries: (1) Healthcare and Social Assistance and (2) Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services. The project will also build the capacity of the College to offer a new program in laboratory technology that responds to identified employer needs. There will be a strong focus on online learning programs to make the degrees and certificates in Laboratory Technology accessible to both local and regional TAA-eligible workers. The project has two major strands: (1) Create a continuum of adult education programming and support services to successfully transition career-limited adult students into post-secondary occupational certificate and degree or training programs that result in an industry recognized credential; This model is based on the adult education visioning document produced by the state of Illinois, successful bridge pilots across the State, and Waubonsee's pilot of health care contextualized coursework. (2) Develop and implement a stacked and latticed degree and certificate program in laboratory science. Develop or revise online and hybrid components as to fit the needs of the adult population.

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