Community College and Career Training (C3T)

The educational initiatives proposed under Priorities 1 and 2 present new and innovative strategies, based on preliminary and moderate evidence, to accelerate student progress, improve retention and achievement rates, and ultimately reduce time to completion through a systemic redesign of education delivery. The proposed ABE “Pathways” program is based on the BreakingThrough initiative. The developmental program “Just in TIME (Teaching Innovations in Math and English)” will focus on contextualized curriculum development. These programs will address the high percentage (70-80%) of students placing into remedial (6th-9th grade skill level) or developmental (10th-12th grade skill level) UHCC math and English courses. The innovation here is profound in that remediation and developmental education will be tailored by sector and delivered alongside workforce training. The final component to achieving full effectiveness of this systemic redesign is the implementation of wrap-around services through a “Wiki Start” model. The Wiki Start model will include evidence-based academic student coaching as a cost-effective strategy to increase retention and graduation by 10-15%, fueling the success of the proposed initiatives.

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