Training for Regional Energy in North Dakota (TREND)

The primary purpose of the project is to deliver training and assistance to TAA-impacted workers and other adult participants to improve their opportunities for the many high-paying, high-skill jobs available in Western North Dakota. The consortium will provide high quality, accelerated programs with stackable credentials to enable participants job opportunities in high-wage, rewarding occupations. The collaboration among the consortium colleges will not only expand the delivery of highly skilled programming at multiple sites, it will likely result in the identification of other potential areas of cooperation. TREND has three primary strategies: Increase attainment of industry-recognized certificates and degrees to better prepare TAA-eligible workers and other adults for employment in two years or less within the oil and gas, transportation, and construction sectors; Deliver education and training in more innovative, effective, and efficient ways to meet the learning and employment needs of TAA-eligible workers and other adults across the consortium; and Transform recruitment, retention and employment support strategies to more effectively reach and serve TAA-eligible workers and other adults and achieve stronger employment and retention outcomes. Using the strengths of each member, the TREND consortium will increase the capacity to build, enhance, and expand current program offerings, including building Career Pathways. The activities of this strategy are at the core of this project to meet the needs of the workforce.

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