Information Technology, Education and Green Pathways (INsTEP)

The INsTEP program seeks to develop a model that incorporates innovative and proven strategies with virtual information technology modules that will allow other community colleges (both within and outside of Maryland) to establish or enhance hybrid programs that will a) increase the number of effective and flexible program offerings to at-risk and disadvantaged students; b) allow displaced workers, veterans, and transitioning adults to qualify for job opportunities; and c) meet the growth and demands of the industry. The goals/objectives of the INsTEP program are to: (A) Increase attainment of certifications, certificates, diplomas, and other industryrecognized credentials to better prepare TAA-eligible, veterans, displaced, or other transitioning adults for high-wage, high-skill employment or re-employment in the growth industry of information technology; (B) Introduce innovative and effective methods for curriculum development and delivery that address the specific industry needs for flexible learning, including virtual instruction, interactive technology-based individual and group supplemental learning emphasizing real-world analysis, troubleshooting, and solution delivery; (C) Increase attainment of learning outcomes, retention, completion, and employment for program participants; and (D) Establish education and career pathways model enabling accelerated learning with student supports that ease the transition from non-credit to Associate's degree programs to Bachelor's to employment.

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