Growing Maine

Kennebec Valley Community College's (KVCC) Growing Maine project will serve the education and training needs of Central Maine businesses engaged in agriculture-related industries. Through a generous grant from a private donor, KVCC recently acquired a portion of a nearby school/farm, providing the buildings and land necessary to support the delivery of agriculture cluster programs. This new Harold Alfond Campus is envisioned to become a regional and statewide hub of agricultural sciences education. The campus' location provides a perfect location to develop a training, demonstration, and dynamic learning center focused on sustainable agriculture, food processing and security, and farm to table culinary arts programming. The growth and sustainability of Maine's agriculture industry will depend on a skilled and business-minded workforce, one familiar with innovative farming techniques, sophisticated marketing approaches, and in-depth knowledge of food safety, security, and health. All of these elements will be included in KVCC's Agriculture Cluster Programs which will include degrees and certificates in sustainable agriculture, culinary arts, food science, and quality control.

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