Colorado Helps Advanced Manufacturers Program (CHAMP)

CHAMP's partners will increase the attainment of manufacturing degrees and certificates that align with the industry's recognized competencies, skills and certifications to create a pipeline of highly-qualified advanced manufacturing industry workers. CHAMP will redesign credit for prior learning allowing TAA-eligible students to accelerate toward degree and credential attainment. The colleges will add industry-driven content to the manufacturing program and redesign several courses for online/hybrid delivery. The following certificate and degree credentials will be developed/enhanced: basic manufacturing; certified production technician; industrial maintenance; CNC machining; basic machining; manual machining; inspection; intermediate machining; NIMS (National Institute for Metalworking Skills) Levels I, II and III; MAC/CAD; manufacturing quality control Levels I, II and III; Swiss Turn; 5-Axis; Fast track; Level 1 SMAW; Level 2 GTAW; Level 3 Pipe; shield metal arc welding; gas tungsten arc welding; 3D printing/additive manufacturing; machining/CAD; ELT/CAD; engineering graphics basic mechanical; engineering graphics intermediate mechanical; electro-mechanical; and supervision in industry.

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