Technical Retraining to Achieve Credentials (TRAC-7)

The project has brought 7 institutions together as members of the “TRAC-7” consortium to serve the training needs of the state of Kansas and beyond. Each institution has a signature program not available at the other member institutions. Each member institution offers some but not all of the courses from these signature programs. The project will build on these core common courses to allow participants to complete their chosen program using a variety of technology enabled learning processes including online learning, real-time online interactions, and personalized instruction. Hands-on learning will be facilitated using mobile labs or residential short term courses. Students will be assessed into this continuum of competency based training and will be able to access it at multiple entry points. Through extensive needs analysis and community outreach these programs are based on industry driven competencies and successful participants will earn industry recognized credentials. While the strategies employed by each institution may vary according to local needs, skills gaps or targeted populations, the project is focused on the priorities 3 and 4: “Building programs that Meet Industry needs including developing Career Pathways” and “Strengthening Online & Technology Enabled Learning.” The project has been designed in conjunction with 8 signature employers and many more community members.

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