Health Professions Pathways Consortium (H2P)

The Health Professions Pathways (H2P) Consortium includes 10 community colleges and partner employers and agencies who will galvanize a national movement to dramatically improve health professions training. In doing so, we will work towards three goals: 1. Provide trade-impacted and low-skilled workers with adequate preparation, support and opportunities to complete postsecondary training in health professions that provide credentials aligned with job advancement 2. Expand and enhance the healthcare workforce with the competencies needed by industry 3. Build the capacity of community colleges to continuously assess student and employment outcomes and use this information to improve the quality of health professions programs.To achieve these goals, H2P colleges will replicate a comprehensive model of best practices centered on a career pathways framework and competency-based core curriculum. Each of these activities has shown considerable promise for improving student and employment outcomes. In our novel approach, H2P colleges have committed to a comprehensive array of reforms rather than just piecemeal changes. Moreover, by coordinating concurrent reform efforts across 10 communities, the H2P consortium will demonstrate how to improve the ability of different kinds of community colleges to train trade-impacted and low-skilled workers for health professions.

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