Hybrid PLC Mechatronics - Chapter 6 Basic Memory Circuits

This chapter is useful in the development of logic using memory circuits. The prior chapter was interested in the development of combinational logic. This chapter began the discussion of sequential logic. More on sequential logic will follow. Writing of Siemens and Allen-Bradley contact and coil instructions is reviewed. A number of instructions were added in the discussion including memory instructions as well as one-shot or edge trigger instructions. Emphasis was placed on converting from one style of memory circuit to another. For Siemens and most European designers, the S-R logic dominates. In the US, seal circuits are dominant. Several example problems were introduced using the memory circuit concept. When more than one state is required, then several memory bits must be used to implement the overall logic. Accompanying Video: PLC Series Chapter 6 - Basic Memory Circuits (1:15:10)
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Memory Circuits, S/R, Set/Reset, Seal, Latch/Unlatch, One Shot, Edge Trigger

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