Hybrid PLC Mechatronics - Chapter 3 PLCs and Processing I/O

The purpose of this chapter is to discuss what parts constitute a modern PLC and how these parts interface. The topology of a PLC system is also discussed as to how PLCs are distributed in a manufacturing environment to best control a process efficiently. Inputs and outputs complete the PLC with inputs reporting the status of the system and outputs controlling the sequencing of the process. Two videos are included. The first is a lecture review of the chapter while the second demonstrates the log-in and download procedure for a new program with no content to both PLCs used in the course (Siemens and Allen-Bradley). Accompanying Video: PLC Series Chapter 3 (Part 1/2)- PLCs and Processing I/O 1:01:36 PLC Series Chapter 3 (Part 2/2) - How to Set-up Hardware and Software 36:01 (see Additional Public Access to Materials below)
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PLCs, automation, engineering, engineer, programmable logic controllers

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