Industry Trainer - Jumpstart to Successful Instruction: 103

The Jumpstart to Successful Instruction for Industry Trainers Section 103 is designed for those training within industry settings and provides professional development rich in resources to help trainers develop successful training environments. The materials are practical and presented in a manner that allow industry trainers to immediately incorporate proven adult learning concepts into courses. Section 103 takes a deeper dive into connecting with the trainee and their learning.
Primary Material Type:
Online Course
professional development, career and technical faculty development

Industry / Occupation

Industry Sector:
Educational Services -- Educational Services -- Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools (6113)
Educational Instruction and Library Occupation (25-0000)

Education / Instructional Information

Instructional Program:
Education (13)
Credit Type:
  • None
Credential Type:
  • None
Educational Level of Materials:
  • 1st year Community College or equivalent
  • 2nd Year Community College or equivalent
Quality of Subject Matter was assured by:
  • Consultations during development of instructional materials
  • Participation as an ongoing member of team developing the instructional materials
  • Conducting an evaluation of the instructional materials and providing a report
Quality of Online/Hybrid Course Design assured by:
  • Expertise of Project's Instructional Designers
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Creative Commons License
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