Vocal Literature—MUS 323

This is a service-learning vocal music course designed mainly for music students who wish to learn and perform the genre of Classical Art Song and use the knowledge to serve the community as a vocal performer or music educator. The course will review the literature of Art Song from the classical to modern periods, studying the unique styles and various forms of Art Song including German Lied and French mélodie as well as English Art Song and African- American Spirituals. Selected art songs by great composers in each period will be discussed in the modules.
Primary Material Type:
Online Course
Music, vocal performer, German Lied, French mélodie, English Art Song, African- American Spirituals

Industry / Occupation

Industry Sector:
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation -- Performing Arts, Spectator Sports, and Related Industries -- Performing Arts Companies (7111)
Educational Instruction and Library Occupation -- Art, Drama, and Music Teachers, Postsecondary (25-1121)

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Instructional Program:
Education (13)
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  • Credit
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  • Bachelors Degree
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  • Upper division of Bachelors degree or equivalent
Time Required:
16 weeks
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Creative Commons License
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