Maine is Information Technology (Maine is IT!)

Maine is IT! is designed to address the critical and growing need in Maine for skilled information technology workers across many industries. The project, proposed as a statewide consortium of all seven of Maine's community colleges in strategic partnership with employers, workforce development agencies, industry associations, and other institutions of higher education, will build and strengthen innovative education models that will meet the needs of Maine's TAA-eligible workers, un/under-employed adults, and employers. Maine is IT! will serve nearly 2,100 participants, providing dramatically improved access to training opportunities in information technology across the state and across a range of industries. In all, the project will create or expand 36 one-year certificates or two-year associate degree programs. It will enable participants to obtain and build upon a host of industry-recognized certifications, and it will provide multiple entry points, beginning with non-credit courses that bridge to courses and modules that award both college credit and industry recognized certifications and that are the building blocks of one- and two-year credentials leading on to four-year degrees.

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