Servo and Robotics

Servo/Robotics Systems is an introductory Hybrid course in industrial robotics with emphasis on the Fanuc R-J30iA series robot controller. The course is intended for students who wish to gain insight into robot operations in order to program, test, run, and trouble-shoot FANUC material handling application programs. Students successfully completing the course will be able to: Safely demonstrate power up and jog the robot, execute production operations and recover from common faults, create and modify material handling programs and macros, and utilize robot and controller input and output signals. The course consists of online curriculum, demonstrations, round table and a series of laboratory exercises using the Fanuc CERT training modules. This course consists of 8 learning competencies (Objectives): After completing this course the student will be able to: 1. Explain the hardware and operation of a Fanuc robot system 2. Implement safety regulations when working with robotic systems. 3. Create a robotic program to run a specific sequence. 4. Interpret the motion and instructions in a Fanuc program. 5. Demonstrate error reset and safe recovery from a Fanuc program and robot faults. 6. Demonstrate safe execution of program operations using single-step and automatic modes. 7. Safely demonstrate robot and controller input/output signals using monitor, force, and simulation. 8. Demonstrate safe execution of resetting controller errors, replacing robot batteries, and Mastering a Fanuc R30iA controller with a LR 200i Mate robot.
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Northeast State Community College
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PLC Servo Robotics

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Industrial Automation Maintenance


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