Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Basic Theory

EMT Basic Theory is one of three required courses preparing the student for an entry-level career in Emergency Medical Services. Instruction will exceed the cognitive objectives of the National EMS Education Standard for Emergency Medical Technician and incorporate the New Mexico EMT Basic Scope of Practice. Upon successful completion of the program of study, the student will be eligible for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Cognitive Exam and New Mexico EMT Basic licensure.
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Hybrid/Blended Course
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Assignment, Online Course, Online Course Module, Presentation, Syllabus
Santa Fe Community College
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New Mexico EMT, New Mexico Joe, Safety and Wellness, The Human Body, Life Span Development, Lifting and Moving Patients, Pharmacology, Aeromedical, Terrorism Response, Disaster Management, Medical Terminology, Patient Assessment, Airway Management, Toxicology, Emergencies, Vehicle Extrication, Search and Rescue

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Health Care and Social Assistance (62)
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations -- Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics (29-2041)

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Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences (51)
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  • Credit
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  • Credential
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  • 1st year Community College or equivalent
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16 Weeks.
English (United States)
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Mix of Active and Presentation.
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Emergency Medical Services


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