77-862-703 Lab Science Boot Camp

This course is designed to help students by providing more in depth discussion and exploration of transitional and academic success topics.  On completion of this workshop student will convert English and Metric Measures.  They will convert multidimensional units.  Students will analyze the properties of the subatomic properties and relate the terms element, ion and isotope to the subatomic particles.  Students will identify reading strategies to improve success in college.  The online module is designed to help students be successful in the classroom by developing the skills, behaviors, and attitudes that lead to college success.  Topics will include time management, organization skills, stress management, and test/note taking strategies.
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Southwest Technical College
Metric system, scientific calculator, length, mass, capacity, area, volume, density, multidimensional, atom, protons, neutrons, electrons, solid, liquid gas, atomic number, atomic mass, element, isotope, ion, basic computer skills, TABE, Reading skills, organizing, time management, stress, resources, critical learning, attendance, homework, fractions, percent, decimals, order of operations, ratios

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