Ohio TechNet LCC_WELD NDT Interim Report 10.17

Include in the description: • The discipline or subject area covered by the materials (e.g. welding safety) • The course in which the materials could be used (e.g. 1st year introduction to welding) • The scope and type of the materials (e.g. this is a 1-2 week learning module where students get to watch a video demonstrating safe welding practices for the novice) • An inventory of the types of materials packaged in the submission ( The collection of materials includes a course syllabus and 5 videos of welding safety practices) • Other information that is unique about the materials being submitted Here are some good examples of descriptions: • This file contains resources for WLD2001 Introduction to Welding including syllabus, course map, rubrics, and laboratory notebook. This course is a 1 credit hour Module 1 of 3 modules and each module can be completed by the student at his or her own pace. • This file contains resources for WELD101 Introduction to Welding including syllabus, PowerPoint lectures, exams, and quizzes. This course is a 3 credit hour course intended to be completed in 8 weeks.
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Program Planning Resources
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Program Assessment and Evaluation
Lakeland Community College
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Ohio TechNet
Non Destructive Testing Guest Lecture Summary Report

Industry / Occupation

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Manufacturing -- Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing (332)
Production Occupations -- Welding, Soldering, and Brazing Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders (51-4122)

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Precision Production (48)
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  • None
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  • None
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Fully online

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Creative Commons License
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