Mechatronics Re-Envisioned

Central Piedmont Community College's (CPCC) Mechatronics Re-Envisioned will create the next generation, competency-based training model that will deliver more, highly qualified technicians to the Charlotte region's growing Energy sector and its Advanced Manufacturing industry supply chain. In 2008, CPCC was approached by regional Energy and Manufacturing industry partners to introduce Mechatronics training in North Carolina to meet the growing demand for cross-trained technicians capable of troubleshooting and maintaining automated machinery in high-tech production environments. Responding to industry demands, CPCC completed the Mechatronics curriculum that was approved by the State in 2010. As technology continues to revolutionize both the industrial workplace and the traditional classroom for the Mechatronics technician, the curriculum is in need of modernization. CPCC will re-envision the Mechatronics degree to better define the competencies embedded in “What We Teach” and to innovate “How We Teach” in both the classroom and labs and increase the accessibility of the Mechatronics Engineering Technology AAS degree program and new “Fast Track” Industrial Maintenance certificate program to TAA–eligible workers, veterans, and other non-traditional students. In addition to competency based instruction, the project will incorporate technology-enabled and enhanced learning, comprehensive student support services, and structured programs of study. Students who enroll in the Mechatronics program will have the opportunity to earn nationally recognized credentials such as the NCCER, PMMI Mechatronics, and the SMSCP Siemens Level I and II Mechatronics certifications. Mechatronics Re-Envisioned will also incorporate Festo Mechatronics credentialing as a third-party credentialing option that is nationally recognized and meaningful to employers and manufacturers that support the Energy sector.

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