Building Career Pathways in the STEM Cluster: Closing the Skill Gaps in Northeast Michigan

ACC's second TAACCT program will focus on four programs of study: 1. aerospace 2. green energy & smart grid technology 3. advanced manufacturing 4. cybersecurity. Services will be provided to participants under a six step Career Pathway. Those steps will include: 1. develop accelerated and contextualized classroom training. 2. provide technology-based learning options. 3. provide access to hands-on and virtual lab time for participants to gain real world experience. 4. integrate support service need identification and provision into the training model. 5. Provide job placement, counseling, and peer mentorship opportunities. 6. Provide an industry-recognized credential. The program will enroll a total of 300 participants over the life of the grant. Of those 300, 240 will complete their program of study. 180 will earn a credential and 150 will be placed in employment.  

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