CS 120 - Digital Literacy

CS 120 - Digital Literacy This course introduces terminology and gives an overview of the computer and information science. It focuses on the basic concepts of computer hardware and software systems, software applications, online inquiry, and evaluation of materials including ethical decisions. It also includes concepts reinforced in a laboratory environment. Through specific hands-on experience you will gather, evaluate, and solve real-world problems and form decisions based upon critical examination of today's technology. This class is designed to teach you how to use a computer running a Windows Operating System. If you do not have access to a Windows computer or have problems doing assessments, please contact your Navigator to discuss your options. Course Outcomes: 1. Identify current and future trends in computing and recognize various computing devices and their uses. 2. Identify the parts of a computer and their features and functions and recognize the advantages and limitations of important peripheral devices. 3. Identify and describe the features of desktop and specialized computer operating systems and understand the importance of system utilities, backups, and file management. 4. Explain why the web is important in today's society and why fluency in the tools and language of the Internet is necessary to be an educated consumer, a better student, an informed citizen, and a valuable employee. 5. Understand what a computer network is, identify different types of networks, and recognize threats to security and privacy. 6. Demonstrate the proper use of basic word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software features.
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Software Applications, Computer Basics, Business

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Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services (11)
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Mix of Active and Presentation.
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This course was subjected to a six step review process: 1. A SME creates the outline and all content. The course is submitted to a course developer for implementation into the CANVAS LMS system. Areas of confusion or items that need additional clarity are identified and remediated. 3. An instructional design checklist is applied to ensure ADA, UDL, and Creative Commons compliance. 3. Course is reviewed using a modified Quality Matters Rubric. 4. The initial offering is by the original SME to identify other necessary revisions. 5. Course goes through a secondary Quality Improvement process evaluation by an Instructional Designer and is subject to a Quality Improvement checklist. 6. Course is reviewed by third-party evaluator acting in the role of a SME.
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Computer Basics
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