English as a Second Language: English for for Factory Workers

The indicated website contains the online learning module, and Instructor and Student Workbook for English as a Second Language, English for Factory Employees, Safety in the Workplace. It includes a needs analysis, pre-and post- tests, and 8 ESL modules that focus on improving workplace English communication and understanding. This was designed to improve the language skills of employees in the food processing industry. However, it is applicable across a wide variety or manufacturing industries, and is also useful as a general, introductory ESL training course.
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Online Course Module
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Development Tool, Hybrid/Blended Course, Online Course Module, Tutorial, Workshop and Training Material, Video - Instructional
College of Southern Idaho
ESL, English as a Second Language, Develpmental English, Safety in the Workplace

Industry / Occupation

Industry Partner:
Chobani and Glanbia allowed us to begin implementation of this program so that we could make revisions to improve delivery
Industry Sector:
Developmental Education
All Occupations (00-0000)

Education / Instructional Information

Instructional Program:
Education (13)
Credit Type:
  • Non-Credit
Credential Type:
  • Certificate
  • Credential
Educational Level of Materials:
  • 1st year Community College or equivalent
  • 2nd Year Community College or equivalent
Time Required:
8-16 hours, in 1-2 hour modules.
English (United States)
Interactivity Type:
Mix of Active and Presentation.
Quality Rubric:
Quality Note:
Pre- and Post-assessments were used in validating the impact of the ESL training. However, the assessments were originally only available in digital format, located in the electronic support material http://agriculture.csi.edu/workplaceell but it was discovered that ESL students also have varying degrees of technological abilities. Therefore, some of the students could not use the computer to take the assessments. A simplified, print version is now included.
Quality of Subject Matter was assured by:
  • Consultations during development of instructional materials
  • Participation as an ongoing member of team developing the instructional materials
  • Conducting an evaluation of the instructional materials and providing a report
Quality of Online/Hybrid Course Design assured by:
  • Other Rubric
Course Note:
English as a Second Language: ESL for Factory Workers, Workplace Safety


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