Winston County Manufacturing Recovery Project

The project will 1) create the Winston County Manufacturing Sector Leadership Team composed of local manufacturers, a regional industry representative, and workforce partners to guide program development, develop work-based learning and internship programs, and help provide employment for program completers; 2) build capacity in Winston County for ECCC to provide contextualized remediation, an industry-recognized manufacturing noncredit training program; 3) utilize hybrid and technology enable systems to deliver training and education; 4) build career pathways from non-credit to university that uses prior learning assessments and articulation agreements; 5) lattice and stack industry recognized credentials in project programs based on industry input; 6) enhance instructors use of advanced technology; 7) provide entrepreneur training and manufacturing incubation support for participants wishing to start their own business. Credentials to be awarded: career Readiness Certificate, Manufacturing Skills-Basic Certificate (noncredit and credit); OSHA 10-Hour Certificate: CPR Certificate; NCCER Core; NCCER Electrical Level 1, Level 2; ECC-30 hours, 45 hour and 60 hour Electrical Technology. Performance Outcomes: Serve: 722; Enroll: 537; Total Number Completing Credit Hours: 110; Total number Earning Credentials: 537; Total Number Employed after Program Completion: 243. For quarter ending 12/31/2015: The grantee achieved the following: Enrolled: 69 ; Completed training: 36 (52%); Total Credentials earned: 36 (52%); Total participants gained employment: 2 (6%) Expenditures are at: 25% )$618,677 of the awarded amount of $2,499,950. GEMS rating is YELLOW due to performance and low expenditures.  

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