NRC Work-Based Learning Protocols

The NRC Work-Based Learning Protocols share the NRC’s experiences with practitioners in colleges and workforce development organizations who are interested in developing quality WBL programs for their students. It defines not only the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the process, but also the elements of quality program planning, implementation, and evaluation. It also illustrates how WBL is executed in the NRC colleges and provides useful tools and templates. In addition to the protocols, the NRC also created supplemental resources related to the WBL process. Resources include: (1) employer and worksite agreements; (2) evaluation tools; (3) WBL marketing materials and check lists; (4) WBL planning tools; and (5) WBL student manuals, agreements, and related tools.
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Passaic County Community College
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Northeast Resiliency Consortium
work-based learning, WBL, internships, clinicals, work-based learning protocols, NRC, employer engagement

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