NRC Voices of Opportunity Storytelling Project Instructions

Voices of Opportunity is a project designed to tell the story of the Northeast Resiliency Consortium through the voices and experiences of individuals across our seven community colleges. It features voices of individuals from our community and their experiences were weaved together to tell the story of our community. This project was created with the lens that each individual in our community contributes to the collective thread that makes us who we are and sharing individuals' stories helps us share our consortium's story. The instructions are a simple way to break down barriers to storytelling and open up a space for individuals to reflect openly about their experiences to begin sharing stories. It can be used by any one and any project to incorporate storytelling as a way to communicate impact. Listen to the NRC story here: This project was featured in the first in a series designed and led by Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) grantees, as envisioned by the TAACCCT Storytelling Network – an IMPACTcommunity led by SkillsCommons.
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Recruitment and Outreach
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Passaic County Community College
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Northeast Resiliency Consortium
storytelling, testimonals, NRC, grant impact, stories

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Storytelling Network
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Developmental Education
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