Lakes Region Community College Blueprint Reading and Solid Modeling Course (LMAN1300)

Students will learn the fundamentals of blue print reading including multi-view drawings, basic dimensioning, holes, fasteners, assemblies, and tolerance. Solid modeling software will be introduced with training of sketch demands, extruded boss/base features, drawing planes, fillets, chamfers, multi-view drawings, and dimensioning. Three dimensional assembly- modeling will also be covered with emphasis on advanced mates, exploded views, and animation. This folder includes text files for the following items: • Syllabus • Assessments/Worksheets • Lecture Notes/PPTs • Quizzes/Tests/
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Lakes Region Community College
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Advanced Manufacturing Partnerships in Education (AMPed NH)
LRCC, Lakes Region Community College, TAACCCT, advanced manufacturing, CCSNH, AMPed NH, blueprint reading, solid modeling, multi-view drawings, basic dimensioning, tolerance, solid modeling software, sketch demands, extruded boss/base features, drawing planes, three dimensional assembly- modeling

Industry / Occupation

Industry Partner:
Advisory boards of partner employers reviewed curriculum and provided input on design needs.
Industry Sector:
Manufacturing -- Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing (332)
Production Occupations -- Machinists (51-4041)

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Instructional Program:
Precision Production (48)
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  • Certificate
  • Associate Degree
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Quality Note:
Hezel Associates provided the 3rd party curriculum review for the AMPed NH TAACCCT grant project. Courses were reviewed for quality by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) by assessing the (1) clarity and appropriateness of learning objectives, (2) alignment of learning objectives to course activities and materials, (3) logical sequencing of course content, (4) availability of active learning opportunities, (5) use of formative feedback for students, and (6) presence of summative assessment and its alignment with course objectives. SMEs were selected based on credentials and experience in instructional and curricular design and evaluation.

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Kenneth Martin
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Creative Commons License
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