MTC Cardiac Care Course Bundle – AHS 145 (Electrocardiography), AHS 156 (Electrocardiography Practicum), AHS 177 (Cardiac Monitoring Applications)

These materials (syllabus, calendar, equipment/supply list, externship handbook, ECG skills rubric check sheet, ECG practicum rubrics, Cardiac Monitoring Practicum rubric, Stress Test Exercise rubric) provide supplemental resources for instructing students in necessary knowledge and skills needed to perform ECGs, interpret basic cardiac rhythms, recognize dysrhythmias during cardiac monitoring in a hospital, physician’s office, or other healthcare setting. These materials are intended for the health care provider at the initial level(s) of ECG performance and understanding of cardiac monitoring.
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Assessment Tool, Assignment, Development Tool, Reference Material, Syllabus
Midlands Technical College
Healthcare, Stackable Certificates, Simulation, ECG Technician, Cardiac Care, Clinical Assessment, ECG Technician, Cardiac Care Monitoring, Cardiology, Paramedic, Stress Test, Practice to Mastery

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Health Science Advisory Committee, Health Sciences Department Advisory Committee and clinical sites provided guidance for curriculum development. Subject Matter Experts evaluated course content.
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Developmental Education
All Occupations (00-0000)

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  • Credit
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  • Stacked/Latticed Credential Model
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  • 1st year Community College or equivalent
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195 hours
English (United States)
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Mix of Active and Presentation.
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Healthcare Editorial Board
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Consultation throughout the process with senior academic leaders, faculty, patient simulation specialists, Midlands Technical College instructional designers, Health Sciences Department Advisory Committee and clinical site affiliate faculty. Subject matter experts external to the grant reviewed the final submissions.
Quality of Subject Matter was assured by:
  • Consultations during development of instructional materials
  • Participation as an ongoing member of team developing the instructional materials
  • Conducting an evaluation of the instructional materials and providing a report
  • Using an approved rubric to conduct the evaluation of the instructional materials and providing a report
Quality of Online/Hybrid Course Design assured by:
  • Custom Quality Rubric
  • Expertise of Project's Instructional Designers
Course Note:
Electrocardiography), Electrocardiography Practicum and Cardiac Monitoring Applications


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