Jumpstart to Successful Instruction: IE2EI 101

IE2EI course for professional development rich in resources to help the industry expert coming into the postsecondary education world provide a successful learning environment. Most of the materials are practical and presented in a manner that will allow the instructional new comers to incorporate proven adult learning concepts immediately into their courses. The course material is in zipped files that can be imported to an LMS as SCORM Content or opened (If viewing without uploading to an LMS- unzip the file, and click story_html5.html)
file IE2ET Faculty Development Course.zip (18 MB)
file 101.01 Course Management.zip (5 MB)    preview
file 101.02 Writing an Effective Syllabus.zip (14 MB)    preview
file 101.03 Navigating LMS Logistics.zip (72 MB)    preview
file 101.06 Blooms Quick sheets.zip (11 MB)    preview
file 101.04 Develop Consistent Communications.zip (81 MB)    preview
file 101.05 Defining Student Learning Competencies.zip (11 MB)    preview
file 101.07 Connecting Learning Objectives Competencies.zip (13 MB)    preview
file 101.08 Creating Course Climate.zip (14 MB)    preview
file 101.09 The First Day of Your Course.zip (7 MB)    preview
file 101.10 The Why Of How You Are Teaching.zip (28 MB)    preview
file 101.11 Active Learning.zip (23 MB)    preview
file 101.12 Creating Effective Assignments.zip (54 MB)    preview
file 101.13 Fair and Balanced.zip (10 MB)    preview
Microsoft Word CBE Assessment for Jumpstart to Successful Instruction 101 Module 1st Day of Your Course (49 KB)
Microsoft Word CBE Assessment for Jumpstart to Successful Instruction 101 Module Learning Objectives (51 KB)
Adobe PDF How to preview these course materials without a LMS (243 KB)
Microsoft Word CBE Assessment for Jumpstart to Successful Instruction 101 Module Effective Communication (50 KB)
Microsoft Word CBE Assessment for Jumpstart to Successful Instruction 101 Module Blook's Quick Sheets (121 KB)
Microsoft Word CBE Assessment for Jumpstart to Successful Instruction 101 Module Fair & Balanced Assessments (52 KB)
Microsoft Word CBE Assessment for Jumpstart to Successful Instruction 101 Module Syllabus (43 KB)
file 101.01 Course Management Course Introduction.story (11 MB)
file 101.02 Writing an Effective Syllabus.story (30 MB)
file 101.03 Navigating LMS Logistics.story (147 MB)
file 101.04 Develop Consistant Communications.story (83 MB)
file 101.05 Defining Student Learning Competencies and Outcomes.story (24 MB)
file 101.06 Blooms Quicksheets.story (22 MB)
file 101.07 Connecting Learning Objectives Competencies To Grades.story (122 MB)
file 101.08 Creating Course Climate.story (30 MB)
file 101.09 The First Day of Your Course.story (12 MB)
file 101.10 The Why Of How You Are Teaching.story (36 MB)
file 101.11 Active Learning.story (112 MB)
file 101.12 Creating Effective Assignments.story (123 MB)
file 101.13 Fair and Balanced.story (24 MB)
file Quick Start Guide Lesson Plan Details.story (3 MB)
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Online Course
faculty development, professional development, career and technical faculty development

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Microburst Learning
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Educational Services -- Educational Services -- Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools (6113)
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations (25-0000)

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Education (13)
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  • None
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  • None
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  • 1st year Community College or equivalent
  • 2nd Year Community College or equivalent
  • Upper division of Bachelors degree or equivalent
English (United States)
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Mix of Active and Presentation.
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  • Consultations during development of instructional materials
  • Participation as an ongoing member of team developing the instructional materials
  • Conducting an evaluation of the instructional materials and providing a report
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  • Expertise of Project's Instructional Designers
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