Algebra 1

Algebra 1 is part of the Essential Pre-College Math (EPM) series of 16 self-paced, online modules that cover topics ranging from basic number properties to factoring and graphing polynomials. The modules are designed to help students review or master content usually covered in Pre-Algebra and Algebra I courses taught in high school, while at the same time presenting the material with authentic examples illustrating how mathematics is used in the various fields of study related to work for architectural engineering technicians or construction. A solid understanding of this level of mathematics is crucial, and a prerequisite, for enrolling and succeeding in college level mathematics courses required in the Architectural and Engineering Technology (AES) degree and certificate programs as well as in most other fields of study. The self-paced, modular structure of the modules allows students to work on their areas of weakness without requiring them to spend time on material they have already mastered.
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Online Course
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Drill and Practice, Presentation, Quiz/Test, Tutorial
Kenai Peninsula College/ University of Alaska
Beginning Algebra, real numbers, first-degree equations, inequalities, absolute values, coordinate system, graphs, lines, slope, linear equations, variables, substitution method, elimination method, inequalities, variable expressions, exponents, polynomial functions, second-degree equations, third degree expressions, factoring, zero factor property, functions, function, line of best fit, linear equations, function notation, linear regression, exponents, polynomial equations, first degree equations, applications

Industry / Occupation

Industry Partner:
The required employer partners: Architectural Design firms USKH; Harvey H. Hightower, Architect; DOWL HKM; and UMIAQ
Industry Sector:
Developmental Education
All Occupations (00-0000)

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  • None
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  • None
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  • 1st year Community College or equivalent
Time Required:
64 hours
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Active - requires user to respond to prompts, questions, etc.
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Peer review and external review.
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  • SME Quality Report is posted in Skills Commons
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Essential Precollege Math: Algebra 1


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