EET 113: Electrical Circuits I

EET 113: Electrical Circuits 1 - This course is a study of direct and alternating currents, covering resistance and impedance in series, parallel and series-parallel circuits using Ohm's law, Kirchoff's Laws and basic circuit theorems. Circuits are analyzed using mathematics and verified using electrical instruments.. Module1/Quantities, Module 2/Voltage, Current, and Resistance in Electric circuits, Module 3/Ohm’s Law, Energy, and Power, Module 4/Series and Parallel Circuits, Module 5/DC Series/Parallel Circuits, Module 6/Introduction to Alternating Current and Voltage, Module 7/Capacitors, Module 8/Inductors
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Online Course
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Piedmont Technical College
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Accessible Support Services and Instruction for Sustainable Transition to Work (ASSIST)
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Electrical Circuits, EET 113

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Manufacturing -- Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing (335)
Architecture and Engineering Occupations (17-0000)

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Engineering Technologies/Technicians (15)
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  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelors Degree
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This course was subjected to a four-step review process: 1. The course developer created the course and module outlines (Deliverable A) and submitted them to the curriculum design expert from the Clemson University Center for Workforce Development (CUCWD). 2. CUCWD reviewed the materials and provided feedback for improvement. Course developer also completed an instructional design checklist provided by CUCWD to communicate how he/she was planning to design the course to meet the ADA, UDL, and Creative commons requirements. 3. The course developer then created the content (Deliverable B), using an organizational template provided by CUCWD and designed to help novice course developers meet the grant requirements and develop rigorous curriculum. To meet the grant requirements and ensure the creation of rigorous curriculum, Deliverable B consists of well written content in an organized format complete with activities throughout for practice, media and images to appeal to multiple learning styles, tools to achieve ADA compliance, and a final assessment that varies in item format and challenge level. 4. Deliverable B was submitted to and reviewed by CUCWD to ensure the aforementioned components were included and the curriculum was complete. Deliverable was also reviewed by a Subject Matter Expert and editor designated by each college. 5. After making revisions based on the aforementioned feedback, the course developers then piloted (Deliverable C) the curriculum in the place of the old curriculum to gather student feedback and use the instructional process to uncover areas in need of improvement. 6. The course developer kept track of the required changes during the pilot and applied those changes in the revisions phase (Deliverable D). The materials were then submitted for final review to CUCWD and marked complete. In the materials for this course, you will find the Resources developed by CUCWD - SME review form, module and course outlines, content, assessments and Instructional Design Checklist.


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