Missouri Manufacturing Workforce Innovation Networks (MoManufacturingWINs)

Consortium members will enhance the ability of the colleges to meet manufacturers' skill needs by adopting the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) certification model. NAM-endorsed certifications are industry-recognized credentials that validate individuals have demondtrated skills in specific areas of manufacturing. Consurtium partners will implement and awakrd stakable/latticed NAM-Endorsed certifications for manufacturing in five occupational clusters. In addition to occupational skill certifications, all students will earn a National Career Readiness Certification Plus (NCRC+) credential. Critical project components include: Maximizing assessment and award of credit for prior learning; Collaborating to incorporate NAM-endorsed certification skill competencies into core curricula; Accelerating learning to shorten classroom time through redesign of curricula and use of technology; Developing opportunities for work-based learning and paid internships; Integrating basic skills remediation in occupational skill training; Providing professional development to faculty; and Locating College Navigators at one-stop career centers.

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