Advanced Manufacturing Education Alliance (AME)

Foreign trade has had a severe impact on Minnesota. Our consortium members have been working to expand our educated labor pool in direct response to our manufacturing employer needs for more than a decade, with our recent emphasis evolving into the advanced manufacturing arena. This advanced manufacturing arena specifically relates to metals manufacturing, plastics and composites, automation technology and rapid prototyping. The strategy contained in our application will innovatively re-engineer the relationship between introductory manufacturing core courses, Adult Basic Education (ABE) and college developmental education to improve student retention and success. It will also provide intensive, ‘wrap-around's' student services to assist students to overcome their individualized barriers to success. It will expand access to these introductory courses by building on and enhancing existing online courses in basic manufacturing skills pioneered by the 360° Center, and it will add to the program mix important new advanced manufacturing disciplines in plastics technology, automation and rapid prototyping. Our plan to educate TAA-impacted, Veterans and other dislocated workers is built around a six-step process, with multiple exit-to-employment points throughout. AME incorporates innovations for accessibility and delivery, using research-based models that bring more than 3900 participants the industry-recognized credentials, certifications, and degrees our employer partners demand that lead to improved employment outcomes.

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