Outreach: NSC Electric Vehicles Program

Outreach materials for the NSC Electric Vehicles program.
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Recruitment and Outreach
Anne Arundel Community College
automotive internal combustion engine, engine theory and operation, various engine designs, component inspection and precision measuring, gaskets, lubricants, sealants, coolants, modern engines.

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Michigan Academy for Green Mobility Alliance (MAGMA) endorsed the Electric Vehicle Development Technology Certificate program/courses "with high marks" through an RFP process for meeting specific knowledge and skill demands of the employers in the automotive manufacturing industry., Collaborated with Ivy Tech’s Automotive Advisory Board employers to redesign and contextualize the curriculum throughout the program. Several regional advisory board employers provided valuable feedback on certifications required, soft skills needed and level of math required in industry. Automotive Institute Steering Committee discussed and endorsed the EV/Automotive Institute Program including calendar, curriculum, nationally recognized certifications, CT and TC degrees and a statewide dress/uniform code.
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Wholesale Trade -- Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers (441)
Architecture and Engineering Occupations -- Electronics Engineers, Except Computer (17-2072)

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