This Implementation Guide provides information about the STEM Bridge created by the National STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Consortium (NSC). The NSC, a collaborative of ten leading community colleges in nine states, has developed new workforce training programs in five high-wage, high-skill STEM pathways: composites technology; cyber technology; electric vehicle technology; environmental technology; and mechatronics. The STEM credentials average 30 credit hours and all completers receive an industry-validated college certificate. All five programs include the two-part STEM Bridge, which contextualizes remediation within the programs and provides support for the development of foundational skills for lower level learners not yet ready to enter the STEM Certificate programs. The STEM Bridge is comprised of two interactive online courses: STEM Readiness and STEM Foundations. The STEM Readiness course, which integrates basic skills, workforce skills, computer skills, and job readiness training contextualized within the STEM pathways, was designed to quickly refresh essential skills for students entering the new credit certificates directly. The STEM Foundations course was designed to help lower level learners quickly develop foundational skills in math and workplace communication in order to enter the credit certificate programs. Links to the two courses are included. This guide provides information to help colleges decide whether to adopt the STEM Bridge materials and provides suggestions on how colleges might adapt the courses to suit their local needs. While the STEM Bridge courses were developed specifically for the NSC programs, they are applicable to other programs and/or as college readiness or employment readiness preparation.
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Anne Arundel Community College
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math, algebra, critical thinking, communication, professional skills, teamwork, time management, confidentiality, resume writing, interviewing, job search

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Rockwell Collins - co-created real-world scenarios in all six STEM Bridge Critical Thinking and Workplace Communications scenarios. Denzo, Intertek - participated in the generation of the Teamwork and Customer Service STEM Bridge units.
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Developmental Education
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