Advanced Manufacturing, Mechatronics, and Quality Consortium (AMMQC)

Working as a consortium of four leading community colleges across the United States, the Advanced Manufacturing, Mechatronics, and Quality Consortium (AMMQC) will transform educational delivery methods and accelerate credential attainment in the advanced manufacturing fields of Mechatronics and Quality career pathways. The AMMQC will serve more than 1,720 TAA-eligible workers, veterans, and other individuals in Louisiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Tennessee. Each college brings to the consortium a unique expertise in the mechatronics and quality fields that will be leveraged to create and implement stacked and latticed credentials that will be shared across all four colleges. Mount Wachusett Community College (Massachusetts), the lead institution, has expertise in quality and metrology; Bossier Parish Community College (Louisiana) has expertise in process control mechatronics; North Central State College (Ohio) has expertise in electrical mechatronics, and Southwest Tennessee Community College (Tennessee) has expertise in industrial mechatronics. Together all four colleges will implement an entry level program that will include a common assessment process for assessing students' advanced manufacturing aptitude using Standard Timing Model technology and Work Keys enabled tools and will align with the National Career Readiness Certificate that will be regionally adaptable to meet the unique needs of each region. The project's intent is that all participants will exit with an NCRC and one or more industry-recognized certifications listed in the table below that can be stacked and latticed for greater skill attainment and employment flexibility.

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