Healthcare Apprenticeship Implementation Toolkit

Welcome to the Healthcare Apprenticeship Implementation Toolkit! Montana grew apprenticeships in healthcare from 0 to 60 in three years. Well more specifically, zero to two hundred apprentices, 50 employer sponsors, and 17 different occupations! Here, you’ll find the tools that we created to promote, customize, and implement healthcare apprenticeship programs. The materials start with general information. Next, you’ll find tools we developed to explain apprenticeship to our partners. They are tailored to employers, campus faculty, and workforce partners. Next, you’ll find materials specific to each occupation in which we have apprenticeship programs. This includes the trade schedule that outlines on the job training competencies and related curriculum, as well as other items we use to explain or implement programs in that occupation. Finally, you’ll see apprenticeship registration documents. Some of these may look familiar if you’ve worked in apprenticeship before, but we’ve also included a pre apprenticeship agreement that is unique to Montana. This toolkit was developed by HealthCARE Montana, a TAACCCT Round IV project led by Missoula College and the Montana Department of Labor & Industry’s Montana Registered Apprenticeship Program.
Microsoft Word 1 Organizational Structure and Contact Information.docx (147 KB)
Microsoft Word 2 HealthCARE Apprenticeship MT Media List.docx (718 KB)
Microsoft Word 3 Employer Apprenticeship Handout.docx (104 KB)
Adobe PDF 4 Startup and Checkpoint Guide.pdf (209 KB)
Microsoft Word 4 Startup and Checkpoint Guide.docx (71 KB)
Microsoft Word 5 Apprenticeship for Campuses Handout.docx (103 KB)
Microsoft Word 6 Workforce Partners Apprenticeship Handout.docx (444 KB)
Adobe PDF 7 WIOA and Apprenticeship.pdf (156 KB)
Adobe PDF 8 Montana Apprenticeship Tax Credit Information.pdf (175 KB)
Microsoft Word 9 Montana Tribal College Apprenticeship Project Overview.docx (19 KB)
Adobe PDF 10 Apprenticeship Program Development.pdf (247 KB)
Microsoft Word 10 Apprenticeship Program Development.docx (78 KB)
Microsoft Word 11 Certified Nurse Aide Occupation Outline.docx (19 KB)
Microsoft Word 12 CNA Basic Trade Schedule.doc (62 KB)
Microsoft Word 12a CNA Distance Education Options.docx (212 KB)
Microsoft Word 13 CNA Dementia Care Trade Schedule (Curriculum Option 1) 5-3-2018.doc (68 KB)
Microsoft Word 13a CNA Dementia Care Essentials of Dementia Care Introduction (Curriculum Option 1).docx (102 KB)
Microsoft Word 13b CNA Dementia Care Trade Schedule (Curriculum Option 2).doc (69 KB)
Microsoft Word 13c CNA Dementia Care (Curriculum Option 2) Curriculum Outline.docx (768 KB)
Microsoft Word 14 CNA Restorative Care Trade Schedule.doc (72 KB)
Microsoft Word 14a CNA Restorative Care Curriculum Talking Points.docx (94 KB)
Microsoft Word 14b CNA Restorative Care Fundamentals of Restorative Care Curriculum Introduction - For Facilities.docx (114 KB)
Microsoft Excel 14c CNA Restorative Care Checklist.xlsx (12 KB)
Microsoft Word 15 Medication Aide Trade Schedule.doc (50 KB)
Microsoft Word 15a Medication Aide Curriculum.docx (165 KB)
Adobe PDF 15b Medication Aide Curriculum Registration Instructions.pdf (34 KB)
Microsoft Excel 15c Medication Aide Checklist.xlsx (12 KB)
Microsoft Word 16 Medical Assistant Trade Schedule.docx (27 KB)
Microsoft Word 17 Medical Scribe Trade Schedule.doc (47 KB)
Microsoft Word 17a Medical Scribe Prior Learning Assessment.doc (54 KB)
Adobe PDF 17a Medical Scribe Prior Learning Assessment.pdf (27 KB)
Microsoft Excel 17b Medical Scribe Checklist.xlsx (18 KB)
Microsoft Word 18 Licensed Practical Nurse Trade Schedule 5-1-2017.doc (62 KB)
Microsoft Word 18a Licensed Practical Nurse Program Overview.docx (24 KB)
Microsoft Word 18b Licensed Practical Nurse GRID Model At-A-Glance.docx (19 KB)
Adobe PDF 18c Licensed Practical Nurse Example Sponsor Policy.pdf (68 KB)
Adobe PDF 18d Licensed Practical Nurse MT Delegation Rule.pdf (148 KB)
Microsoft Word 18e Licensed Practical Nurse MT Distance Education Options.docx (19 KB)
Microsoft Word 19 Registered Nurse ASN GRID Model At-A-Glance.docx (20 KB)
Microsoft Word 20 Paramedic Trade Schedule.doc (317 KB)
Microsoft Word 21 Medical Claims Service Specialist Trade Schedule.doc (259 KB)
Microsoft Word 22 Surgical Technician Trade Schedule.doc (72 KB)
Microsoft Word 22a Surgical Technician GRID Model At-A-Glance.docx (19 KB)
Adobe PDF 22b Surgical Technician Surgical Case Requirements.pdf (126 KB)
Microsoft Word 23 Computed Tomography Technologist Trade Schedule.doc (44 KB)
Microsoft Word 24 Administrator Assisted Living Trade Schedule.doc (103 KB)
Microsoft Excel 24a Administrator Assisted Living Checklist.xlsx (23 KB)
Microsoft Word 25 Administrator Long Term Care Trade Schedule.doc (121 KB)
Microsoft Word 26 Pharmacy Technician Trade Schedule.doc (69 KB)
Microsoft Word 26a Pharmacy Technician Education Options.docx (213 KB)
Microsoft Excel 26b Pharmacy Technician Competency Checklist.xlsx (16 KB)
Microsoft Word 26c Pharmacy Technician GRID Model At-A-Glance (Option 1 - Cream of the Crop).docx (19 KB)
Microsoft Word 26d Pharmacy Technician GRID Model At-A-Glance (Option 2 - Cohort Based).docx (18 KB)
Microsoft Word 27 Medical Coding (Pre Coder) Trade Schedule.doc (39 KB)
Microsoft Word 27a Medical Coding (Pre Coder) Competencies.docx (16 KB)
Microsoft Word 27b Medical Coding (Pre Coder) Curriculum.docx (19 KB)
Microsoft Word 28 Patient Relations Trade Schedule.doc (50 KB)
Microsoft Word 28a Patient Relations Competencies.docx (15 KB)
Microsoft Word 28b Patient Relations GRID Model At-A-Glance (Option 1 - Concurrent).docx (18 KB)
Microsoft Word 28c Patient Relations GRID Model At-A-Glance (Option 2 - Front Loaded).docx (18 KB)
Microsoft Word 29 Phlebotomy Trade Schedule.docx (23 KB)
Microsoft Word 30 Community Health Worker Trade Schedule.docx (18 KB)
Adobe PDF 30a Community Health Worker Information.pdf (644 KB)
Microsoft Word 31 Behavioral Health Fundamentals Trade Schedule.docx (18 KB)
Microsoft Word 32 Standards Master Template.doc (560 KB)
Microsoft Word 33 Trade Schedule Attachment A Master Template.docx (18 KB)
Adobe PDF 34 671 Program Registration and Apprenticeship Agreement.pdf (62 KB)
Adobe PDF 35 Montana Pre-Apprenticeship and WBL Program Setup Guidelines.pdf (114 KB)
Microsoft Word 35 Montana Pre-Apprenticeship and WBL Program Setup Guidelines.docx (53 KB)
Microsoft Word 35a Montana Pre-Apprenticeship Recognition Agreement.docx (65 KB)
Microsoft Word 35b Montana Work Based Learning Recognition Agreement.docx (64 KB)
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