Ohio Technical Skills Innovation Network

With industry input, 11 colleges in Ohio TechNet will develop an advanced manufacturing competency model that promotes job readiness, prior learning assessment, basic skill development, pathways to certificates/degrees, employer involvement, online/hybrid courses, and work-based learning. It will leverage business links with employers contributing to curriculum and identification of skill needs. Participants will enter at multiple points based on skills and needs. Colleges will offer new or modified credentials and degree programs including: Allen Bradley Advanced Automation Certificate; CNC Machining; Career Readiness Certificate; Certified Welding Educator; Computer-Aided Manufacturing; Food Safety Certificate; Food Technology Certificate; Industrial Maintenance; Mitsubishi PLC Certficate; OSHA Safety Certificates; Professional Safety Certificate; Tool and Die Certificate; Welding Certificates (MIG, Stick, TIG, Flux-cored). - Populations to be Served: TAA-eligible workers, veterans, and long-term unemployed - Targeted Industries: Advanced manufacturing such as: CNC/Machining; Welding; Industrial Maintenance; Digital Design/Industrial Automation; and Occupational Safety. - Percentage of OER Program Materials: An estimated 25% of materials will be developed as open educational resources and the remaining 75% will be licensed or purchased.  

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