Massachusetts Careers and Credentials in Aviation

CCCC is developing an accelerated (1 year) program to train workers as Aviation Maintenance Technicians. The program has developed strong partnerships with state-wide and regional employers, the U.S. Coast Guard, Camp Edwards Army National Guard, two industry associations, the workforce system, and state economic development entities to design and implement accelerated pathways for jobs requiring a FAA A&P certificate as well as other aviation and avionics occupations. CCCC will be one of only six community colleges in the U.S. to offer FAA A & P certification training in an accelerated format, and will be the only public institution of higher education offering the accelerated certificate in the eastern New England. TAA-eligible and other dislocated workers will be trained quickly and in close coordination with employers to better respond to industry needs. The Massachusetts Credentials and Careers in Aviation (MCCA) will build upon best practices and is utilizing other open-source resources and evidence-based strategies.

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