Assisting Workforce by Advancing Knowledge for Employment (AWAKE)

The objective of this project is to provide training to TAA-eligible workers, Veterans, and other adults for reemployment in regional manufacturing industry. The job opportunities in Lake, Porter, Jasper and Newton counties in Indiana show growth and demand in occupations that require skills and knowledge similar to Mechatronics Technicians and Industrial Machinery Mechanics. Manufacturing industries in the region have indicated immediate need for interns and skilled employees in aforementioned occupations. The project provides training for 20 cohorts with 15 participants in each cohort. A total of 300 participants will benefit from this project by attaining one or more industry standards certifications (3 stackable and one latticed) to join workforce as Mechatronics technicians, and Industrial Machinery Mechanics at different competency levels. The project objective is addressed through the following three goals. 1) Provide foundational skills and competencies in two similar occupations, Mechatronics Technicians and Industrial Machinery Mechanics through developing modularized training and delivering the program at remote locations. 2) Credentialing the participants through Industry recognized (PMMI) certifications at four competency levels as endorsed by United States department of labor (USDOL). a) Industrial Electricity-1; b) Industrial Electricity-2; c) Programmable Logic Controller-1; and d) Mechanical Components-1. 3) Provide career pathways through granting college credits of up to 12 hours towards Associate Degrees in Ivy Tech Community College.

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